VYBO Electric electric motors offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio

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When deciding on the purchase of a new electric motor, an important parameter is not only the performance and overall properties, but also the price. However, an electric motor at a good price does not necessarily have to be a matter of compromise. You will be convinced by the VYBO Electric AL series electric motors with an aluminum frame, which offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

When choosing an electric motor, it is not only the price list that is important

If you are choosing a new electric motor, you have probably already gone through more than one price list and catalog. When choosing a new electric motor, however, we definitely do not recommend following only the price. The reason is simple, although the price list of electric motors contains a lot of data, according to which you can decide, but it is always necessary to take into account the specific specifics of your operation, respectively. intended use. In addition, the price list does not always offer answers regarding service costs and subsequent maintenance.

But let’s go back to the introduction and explain why the VYBO Electric AL series electric motors have such balanced properties. These three-phase asynchronous electric motors are characterized by a high-quality processed aluminum frame, thanks to which they are not only durable but also relatively light. Thanks to their low weight, they are the perfect choice for driving fans, pumps or compressors. In general, they are used mainly in production facilities.

VYBO Electric electric motors – the price list will pleasantly surprise you

The electric motors VYBO electric offer several above-standard elements, such as reinforced bearings, a steel fan cover, or elements increasing the protection to the IP55 level. Thanks to modularity, the electric motor can also be precisely adapted to your needs. These motors are manufactured in standard sizes with adjustable feet and flanges. They are thus suitable for connection to gearboxes and you can further expand the potential of this electric motor with a frequency converter.

If you look at the catalog of electric motors, they will probably pleasantly surprise you with their price. Despite the favorable price, you do not have to make any compromises with these electric motors. They are characterized by reliable operation, high durability and easy maintenance.

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